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Lucy Rhodes

Strategy and Business Development

Alexandra Priddy

Change Manager

Rob Stead

Managing Director, Conference Events Business

Claire Teague

Manager, Research and Development

Mizna Awan

Manager, Supply Chain

Graeme Barry

Learning and Development

Ben Hughes

Partnerships and Strategic Overview Manager

Elena Kalugina

Global Marketing Manager

Katarina Muzsikova

Business Director

Marie Mouton

Store Manager / Workshop Consultant

Martin Arroyo

IT Director

Merve Macit


Harry Arnold

Director, Advisory Services

Melonie Lynch-Billups


Léa Coulet

Trade Association Executive

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  • Unlocking inspirational leadership behaviours
  • Providing life-changing team coaching so your teams can deliver a step change in performance
  • Helping individuals and teams build high resilience and wellbeing
  • One-to-one, group and team coaching