is a development
approach delivering
the most immediate,
measurable increase in
employee engagement,
increased performance
and reduced absence.

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Ian Rustige, ACC
Managing Director and Coach
Energised Engagement

Performance | Engagement | Resilience
We help organisations increase employee engagement and performance by delivering bespoke interventions across three specialist areas: enhancing employee resilience, developing leaders who truly connect with their teams, and building high performing team behaviours.

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Our winning combination of activities has been shown to lead to a 14% increase in overall employee energy, 5% less absence and a 8% increase in engagement resulting in your organisation having a workforce made up of outstanding managers and leaders, along with truly energised and engaged employees.

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"Positively impacted every aspect of my life"

Claire, R and D Manager

"Thank you for being a fantastic coach"

Elena, Global Marketing Manager

"A highly effective way to activate the self-renewal process"

Andrea, NHS View full client feedback

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