Energised Engagement Approach

Tailored to meet your needs using the latest research thinking.

Our approach starts with getting a good understanding of your needs, typically through in-depth conversations or a choice of diagnostic. We then co-create a bespoke solution with you or offer one of the 16 flexible packages available.

As a partner to you we distinguish ourselves to others by:

  • Delivering 'Experiences' Based Learning. We deliver performance outcomes by focusing our training, coaching and development on ‘Experiences’ to unlock the potential in your emerging talent.
  • The Passion Of Our Team. Our facilitators and coaches are dedicated to personal growth and have all pursued there own personal transformations. They bring their experiences to helping others access personal growth and transformation too.

16 flexible packages to develop your people:

Our interventions are centred around three key themes for emerging talent: Developing Leadership, Teams Effectiveness and Developing Self. Our bespoke solutions are typically delivered through group coaching, team coaching, 1:1 coaching or experiential learning. We typically follow a diagnose, design, deliver, embed approach to ensure the intervention is aimed at unlocking the full potential of your emerging talent.



We conduct some semi-structured interviews or observations to understand what is needed to get energised, engaged and fulfilled employees. We collect a measure of key success criteria.



We design a simple, practical programme across the key engagement areas of self, team and leadership to address major themes arising from the diagnosis. The approach is typically a blended mix of experiential learning, Group or Team coaching, or 1:1 coaching for maximum impact.



We can help each employee to find new empowering habits. Simultaneously, leadership behaviours can be accelerated through tailored group coaching behavioural sessions, and the team unlock high performance through team coaching.



Skills and new capabilities are sustained through either 1:1 coaching for leaders or group follow-up review. Each individual and team leaves feeling and performing at their best.

Hear from our past clients

"The results have by far surpassed my expectations"

Claire, Manager

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Technology Enabled All solutions can be delivered virtually...

If you wish, we can work across geographical boundaries by use of technology to connect teams and individuals. This can be used for group, team and individual coaching and experiential learning.